I've known the sweet soul that is Tim, AKA Tigermoth for a while now - his fine music led me to meeting him at a show in Brisbane.  Tigermoth passionately uses his trusty MPC, creating his own vibe of beats fusing oriental with the new.  He works hard but still has time for everyone.  This photo series is from his show with JONWAYNE at Coninston Lane (now The Woolly Mammoth) and also features JONWAYNE.  Hear more of Tigermoth's music HERE.  

The Operatives join forces with Brisbane crews Silo Arts and DRTY SHDWS PRJKT crews to present their famed Espionage parties, this time featuring LAs Jonwayne.

After a period of time living in Tokyo, Tigermoth returned to his native Australia to establish himself as one of the countries most respected underground producers. He goes about his work with minimal fanfare and hype but those in the know..know. Underwater Beats, his debut album received reviews both in Australia and Japan, and his sophomore effort, The 9th Tiger, was finished during a US sojourn where it was mastered by Dave Cooley (Madlib, J Dilla, Stonesthrow) in LA. The album has been released through the Sinister Jazz imprint, and has already received rapturous reviews.