MONA FOMA | Museum of Old and New Art Festival of Music and Art | HOBART | 15 - 18 JANUARY 2015

MONA FOMA is the Museum of New and Old Art's Festival of Music and Art.  It is curated by Brian Ritche of the Violent Femmes; he brings taste and eccentricity into Hobart, by means of art and music.  This incredible festival hosts the most diverse slate of art I've ever witnessed in one place - from The Young Wagilak Group and The Australian Art Orchestra, to cult favorite heavy thrash Marduk, from Sweden.   The program has something in there just waiting for you to hear, and you will walk away changed.  I saw Li Binyuan smash 200 hammers with a hammer. 

This gallery includes photographs from MOFO (Paul Kelly and the Merri Sessions, Ben Frost, The Australian Art Orchestra and The Young Wagilak Group, Speak Percussion + loads more), as well as Matthew Barney's hell-bent exhibition, River of Fundament, at MONA.