St Jeromes Laneway Festival is known for showcasing rising talent and this year was no exception, featuring FKA TwigsCourtney Barnett and Mac DeMarco amongst some more well known artists such as Flying Lotus and St Vincent.  St Vincent were actually my key into the festival to shoot.  A friend of mine alerted me to the fact that he was hosting their stay in Byron Bay, and quickly put me in touch with their tour manager in order to get a media pass to the festival.  How nice are people, seriously!  I had a great time and got so much out of shooting the amazing artists on the day.

For a lot of photographers, a gripe is pushing your ISO too high; resulting in high grain and less clarity in images. I didn't have to push my ISO past 1600 and that makes me happy. Not saying the lighting was ideal (super low light for Little Dragon and FKA Twigs); but I think it's more of a reflection of the 5DMIII capabilities and the right lens. 

Anyhoodle, Raury was adorable to shoot - so much super hero energy - a young Prince keeps coming to mind. 

Another highlight was shooting FKA Twigs - she's like a sun bathing lizard - slow moving but ready to scat when the moment calls for it. Ultra sexy in her custom made sub-erotica attire, FKA Twigs held the crowd still until the end - all hell broke lose and people ran for Flying Lotus at the Red Bull Stage. 

I had the opportunity to film Flying Lotus on his last tour to Australia (gallery here) - toured by The Operatives - and I'll never forget the feeling of my head being beautifully blown off. Flying Lotus brought his Layer 3 concept (Strange Loop / Timeboy) back again and the audience lost their shit. 

In a nutshell, it was a really fucking hot day, but as UK bass-and-drums duo Royal Bloods were playing at 5pm, the rain came in saved our souls from melting.  Enjoy the gallery!