Two women traverse around one another in a motel; a guest retiring to leisure, and a housekeeper resisting it.

Single channel digital video, colour, stereo, 13 minutes


motel guest

deirdree wallace


danxia yang

director / producer

mia forrest


ben cotgrove


mia forrest

production designer

samantha herriman

production coordinator

meg o'connell

original score & sound design

samuel pankhurst

mastering engineer

joe talia

makeup artist

billie weston

1st ac

erin o'shiel

sound recordist

mary duong

directors statement:

Leisure frees itself from dramatic narrative; long takes of insignificant details and events become the films’ operative subjects, in which the surplus of reality complemented with the accrual of duration, offers a mundane dramaturgy, if you will.  By channeling the simple effect of a minimal-hyperrealist style, Leisure relishes in the literal depiction of routine (non)events of the leisure body and the labor body engaging in their respective quotidian circumstances, such as relaxing in the hot tub or cleaning the toilet. In representing everydayness through the quotidian details of two womens’ contrasting lives, I am investigating ordinary lives - the routines that no-one pays attention to, registering these minimal moments, so that when we see them, we acknowledge our own “everydayness” and evaluate what we are doing with our own lives.